What is Spigot Coding Academy?
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SCA is a new community based around Minecraft plugin development.
Our aim is to provide Spigot developers the ability to teach, learn and expand their knowledge.
We succeed by providing developers with everything they need to make progress, making us unique.

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Private Git Repositories

SCA Developers gain access to a completely free Git service! Push and pull data as much as you want, when ever you want!

Private Developer Servers

SCA Developers unlock the ability to request a private server on our network to test their projects! We make it easy by providing developer servers with a Multicraft control panel.

Private Marketplace

SCA also offers a place for developers to find work and make money. We make requests public to allow developers to jump on them once they become available.

What to expect from us

Some of the things you can expect from us are listed below
Please note these are subject to change and maybe subject to availability

  • Opportunities

    SCA is in connection with lots of server owners. We encourage server owners to request plugins allowing developers to work together or gain help as and when they need it. This could lead to possible employment.

  • Resources

    SCA aims to bring the best out of it's developers. For this to happen we provide all the resources you might need! This includes MySQL databases & Multicraft developer servers!

  • Learning Environments

    We provide a friendly and productive learning environment for those who need it. This means either group learning in our main chats or one to one with another developer.

  • Results

    Everyone apart of the community works hard to ensure they teach each other along the way. This allows developers to learn from each other producing noticeable improvements.

  • Exposure

    During your time in the community you will have the chance to show others things you have worked on in the past. Your talent should not go unrecognized so we give you a place to share your work.

  • Contacts

    While apart of the community you will speak to and meet lots of new people. During this time you will create many different contacts as you learn the strengths and weaknesses of others.

What you waiting for?

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